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Create Your Restaurant’s Online Food Ordering System Within 48 Hours ONLINE FOOD ORDERING SYSTEM is an app designed primarily for use in the food delivery industry. This system will allow restaurants to have their own app within 48 hours by just adding their company’s identification i.e. (logo, color, menu) and go live. This will increase scope of business by reducing the labor cost involved. The system also allows to quickly and easily manage an online menu which customers can browse and use to place orders with just few clicks. Restaurant employees then use these orders through an easy navigational graphical interface for efficient processing. It is known globally that, in today’s market, it is extremely difficult to start a new small-scale business and live-through the competition from the well-established and settled owners. In fast paced time of today, when everyone is squeezed for time, the majority of people are finicky when it comes to placing a food order. The customers of today are not only attracted because placing an order online is very convenient but also because they have visibility into the items offered, price and extremely simplified navigation for the order. Online ordering system that Go DiGi is proposing here, greatly simplifies the ordering process for both the customer and the restaurant. System presents an interactive and up-to-date menu with all available options in an easy to use manner. Customer can choose one or more items to place an order which will land in the cart. Customer can view all the order details in the cart before checking out. At the end, customer gets order confirmation details. Once the order is placed and is entered in the database and retrieved in pretty much real time. This allows Restaurant Employees to quickly go through the orders as they are received and process all orders efficiently and effectively with minimal delays and confusion. The main advantage of our system is that it greatly simplifies the ordering process for both the customer and the restaurant and also greatly lightens the load on the restaurant’s end, as the entire process of taking orders is automated. Anticipated Benefits Are: • This will minimize the number of employees at the back of the counter. • The system will help to reduce labor cost involved. • The system will be less probable to make mistake, since it’s a machine. • This will avoid long queues at the counter due to the speed of execution and number of optimum screens to accommodate the maximum throughput.

Create Your Restaurant’s Online Food Ordering System Within 48 Hours: