This software aims to automate the work cycle in any company that distributes their products or any products of any other companies. The software manages and connects all different sections of the company, including:
1. Warehouses
2. Accounting
3. Distribution
4. Human Resources (Administrative Officer, Drivers, Customer Service) The software relies on storing data in a database located within a server connected to the Internet permanently. This feature allows monitoring, input, and output at any time from any computer or any mobile phone. software features:
1. Eliminate paper use and any errors and replace it with a friendly technology which reduces operation costs by more than 50%.
2. Increase the customer satisfaction rate by more than 90%, where he can send any request through his mobile phone and follow up on the implementation of the application
3. Eliminate any other small software in the company and replace it with an integrated software that regulates the procurement and distribution process.
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