in Hand Zone

In-Hand Zone – A solution for Elder Care and Establishing Elder Community. A special and unique platform for Elder Care and Establishing Elder Community through which the elders can share their thoughts, ideas, experiences, live videos, pictures and even their grievances with hundreds of other elders and at the time In-Hand Zone controls and protects the rights of elders aged 55-years and above by providing a modern defensive solution in combating for Elders Rights as well as providing awareness to get a sense of Self-Worthiness and Secured Life by various Empowerment Solution. In-Hand Zone aims to bring the elderly into this age of technology by enabling them to use modern resources and most importantly to STAND TALL by using social media platforms, support their personal financial needs and nevertheless to lead a healthy retired life. Gone are the days when retired elders were simply withered away after their productive life; with an expectation of increased life, need for independence and the desire to give back to society, In-Hand Zone has developed numerous empowerment plans for the educated, experienced and self-esteemed elders for redefining their retired life. for more information, kindly