Restize - Under Development stage

Restize is a capstone software that aims towards developing an all-in-one software that addresses the various problems and challenges faced by high-end restaurant owners today.
In order to achieve this goal, this software addresses various aspects of the modern business. It allows its users to access a variety of functionalities that are essential to the culinary business. Given that this project encapsulates more than one interface, it is by nature rich when it comes to the number of functionalities that are offered, and these vary depending on the user’s role. For example, it allows the waiter to take user orders through a straightforward, user-friendly, and smooth interface. All in all, this software aim to reduce the time overhead in high- end management restaurants by providing an alternative to the traditional management system.
Restize designed for the foodservice industry to help you capture transactions and manage inventory with accuracy and generally run everyday processes more efficiently. A setup may include both software and hardware too, like the cash register, barcode scanner, and receipt printer.
•The benefits of Restize
What does a restaurant management system do? We list down the main benefits to expect when you use a restaurant management system. These benefits are your main reasons for getting a system. Not the least, 80% of restaurants are turning to technology for online ordering, reservation, inventory, and analytics. You wouldn’t want to be left behind, would you?

  • Track Sales Down to Each Item
  • Financial Reports Fast and Accurately
  • Better Customer Service
  • Access Data Wherever
  • Efficient Staff Management
  • Communication Between Kitchen,Waiting &Cashier
  • Cost Savings

Restize Features :

The below mentioned are few features & few basic things that have become as a necessity these days to any given restaurant to make their whole process smooth.