Customized Mobile Application

Many industries have been disrupted by mobile apps therefore it is very important to stay ahead of the curve. Our newly launched mobile application is a result of an extensive research of the industry trends and extensive testing which started back in March 2018. First, we started working on a new concept to create a mobile application in the fastest and easiest way and for a reasonable price. After about 4 months we narrowed down the suitable options, studied industries’ needs and to shortlisted the best alternatives. Finally, during the first week of December 2018, the head of programmers’ team presented Go DiGi Management with the first mobile application which can be used by several industries. At the beginning of 2019 Go DiGi new application was launched and we started to cooperate with several sectors in Dubai.

  • Retail Business
  • Hospitality and Food Service Industries
  • Healthcare
  • Cars and accssories

This versatile app is designed to address sales development needs in all industries: