Complaint Mobile Application

Mistakes are an inevitable part of doing business although in fields such as life sciences and general manufacturing, they can lead to more than disgruntled customers and a barrage of complaints. Bad practice in this context can result in serious safety issues and even death. To help you manage the situation when stakes this high, Go DiGi have developed a new efficient customer complaint management system. The software is designed to help your team address all the complaints, follow up and monitor the results. We can also create special barcode for each room, building, organization depending on client requirements. Our Complaint System Advantages as the following:

  • Compliant Photo and Video format
  • Create Barcode for each institution
  • Compliant follow up system
  • Voting System
  • Quality Assurance
  • Reduce 70% of current complaint s running cost

Why effective complaint solutions matter?:

While the importance of a well-designed customer complaint management system in ensuring regulatory compliance is irrefutable, implementing it is not easy. Considering the challenges associated with complaint handling, it is hard to imagine how a company could hope to resolve complaints quickly and efficiently without a customer complaint management software solution. This type of application is used in a variety of sectors: