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Business Development, (new, direct, partner business)

We draw on several years of Business Development success within the Software, SaaS space to grow your business; by generating increased revenue, new clients and bottom line profits.

With experience of working for outsourced marketing agencies, and leading Tech vendors we are positioned to help you grow and expand your business operations in the field of new, direct and partner business.


We have experience in generating new business, verifying and qualifying MQLs and SQLs - to you and me that means regular leads.

Passing qualified leads across to your internal sales teams, to close out new business win new clients.


Business Growth, Expansion (BG&E)

How can we help?

We use top-notch business development, growth and expansion professionals to develop and improve YOY sales results.


Marketing & Sales Cycles

We team up with Marketing agencies, to provide a myriad of in demand services.

We provide Account Managers one for Marketing and one for Sales to help you automate each cycle.


In 2016 I was privileged to work for Europe's #1 telemarketing agency Market Makers INC., as a Client Services Manager, onboarding end-clients telemarketing and email campaigns. Typcial campaign values were £10-15 k

I worked in an elite team of telemarketers on tech client campaigns for UK and Europe; here is a snapshot of the clients I engaged with;

MarketMakers Have Run Telemarketing for These Companies

For more information email:


Digital Marketing Services

We offer Fulfilment Marketing Agency Services to compliment your internal marketing resources.

As part of our service we set KPI's, align Marketing objectives with Sales targets to ensure you achieve better results year-on-year (YOY).


For more information email:


Fulfilment Marketing Agency Services

KEY Agency Services:

Fulfilment Marketing Agency Services

We onboard experienced Marketing professionals who are trained in their field of specialty, from demand marketing to lead generation, nurturing and closing out for an event, (an appointment for new, direct, partner business) and new business.


Team of 3 (M&S Cell)

Your appointed marketing professional will be aligned with a sales professional and an account Manager to ensure that your lead process flows from end-to-end and covers your marketing and sales processes. We introduce an element of automation to these processes to ensure we buy you back time to focus on your core business activity.


Peter Coward heads up your 3 professional team as campaign/project lead drawing on his experience; of managing end client activity to establish better results.

He has experience in business development, for new, direct, partners 'opening' setting KEY expectations, and ensuring the mix of services we provide help to improve your marketing and sales performance year-on-year (YOY).


For more information email:


Lydia Coward deals with Marketing services, resources that we outsource to Marketing Agencies.


Act-on Adaptive Marketing Automation, Qualify more leads

act-on software a competitive solution to "Marketo", loaded with extra functionality and benefits.

The biggest benefit of using automation software, is to generate more qualified leads. - I mean we all crave new leads, right?


Marketo Alternatives - Act-On Marketing Automation Software

In 2018 I was privileged to work for ACT-on as an SDR for the EMEA region, during this time I generated new, direct and partner business for the sales team. I have experience of using this marketing automation platform, I discussed the needs of end users and qualified leads for medium to enterprise sized organisations.


For more information email:


We can provide help, advice to help you automate you marketing processes, we'll connect you with act-on who will evaluate your needs and fit for their solution.


Online Bite-size Workshops for; Business Development, Growth & Expansion, Digital Marketing

2022 targets. If a budget isn't available to purchase a core service, we will be running online bite-size workshops to show your team how to do effective

Business Development, Growth, Expansion, Digital Marketing exercises in house.

Content, specific to a given subject or given activity.


Process Automation for Marketing & Sales business functions

SMART HutNet works with a number of technology solution partners for improving performance 10x such as "Biami" to add value to your business operations. This ranges from intelligent automation, adopting process automation within your marketing and sales business functions.

Intelligent Operations, Intelligent Business Development can be achieved using Biami.


Biami Development tools help;








An example is to create a Back up as a Service (BaaS) process, however you an use Biami to automate any given process.

This involves installation, design & test, and run & improve.


Visit their web site


5 Essential Steps of Marketing Automation

What are the steps of Marketing Automation?

Make your content the best version of content, craft and nurture content like a baby!


Stages 1-5


1. Marketing collaboration with Sales (To ensure that both business function teams are on the same page).

eMail Drip Campaigns

- 60% of your target audience will read emails - but only if your sending the right content. Profile your prospect groups with the right message, at right time! Analyse which frequency gets the best and worst response.


2. Landing pages

Up to 50% of leads submit their contact details in return for valuable content. define what the most important content is for each prospect group. Experiment what content gets the best and worse response, tailor specific content to prospect groups, experiment with A/B testing.


3. Personalisation of content

No recipient likes reading content, that feels like its meant for someone else, personalising email content can help soften the approach. Remember the recipient doesn't know you, work on building the relationship over time and don't expect or assume a contact is ready to buy immediately.


4. A/B Testing

Marketing Automation is an evolving process, but essentially you want to be creating leads and dropping them in to pots to generate revenue £££


5. Analyse, measure and report on email campaign results in the shortest possible time frame (1/2 weeks), no point in sending content that doesn't get a response, "change it up" and try again, and again. No one gets email content right first time, it could take 2 or more attemps on the same subject.



Business Development, Growth & Expansion, Digital Marketing

We are currently defining the subjects and content for online bite-size workshops, in three core areas. A schedule for the workshops will be published in the autumn of 2021. Watch this space for details of how to sign up and join in.

Suggested subjects, subject to final approval; these include;


Business Development

Growth & Expansion

Digital Marketing


Storey telling and humour cheeky will form the essence of content, online bite-size workshops are designed to enable your teams to perform an activity inhouse. We want your team to have fun whilst learning, quiz's are a good way to recap what has been learnt.

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Levelling up

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Introducing Process Automation to make your business FLY!

What's the ONE thing you can build in to your business?

Process Automation

Meet The Team

Lydia Coward

Head of Marketing

Digital Marketing

Communications & PR

Marketing Agency Services



Peter A Coward

Founder & Managing Director, with skill sets in Business Development in enterprise software, SaaS sector.



Customer Success



Sales Professional service

Sales cycle enablement

Sales Development


Sales Admin


Revenue Projections

Marketing Professional service

Adaptive Marketing Automation

Process Automaton

Integration of CRM for MA



Analysis, Reporting.

What People Say


Business development skill sets as an LDR EMEA.

Approach for end point security and virtual appliances.

Terry Howell ex Myriad Optima Ltd, Business Solutions

Business development skill sets.

Approach for Business Development

Newham Borough Council - 2012 Olympics GEOLogIT use cases.

Battle Baton Communicator use cases.



MasterControl INC, QMS modular SaaS

Sales Trainer, Utah city, USA

February 2020 

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