Empathy, Diversity, Inclusion, Openness, Anti-bullying, & Fairness

POLICY within our Workplace / Space

Inclusivity - We employ Foreign Nationals from every corner of the World

Our teams of Contactors feel included and very much at home in the 'HUT'. We also reach out and make them feel respected, valued, paid what they are worth. Essentially, we are ONE BIG happy family, working in harmony to get the best results for your company YoY.

We don't employ on "zero hour" contracts, we need consistency of approach, all our staff are on full-time contracts over 35 hours per week.

We are Good Listeners, Empathetic & Understanding

Our muli-national, language team of all both genders and ages are good listeners, very empathetic toward your mission, objectives and goals. They LISTEN and understand first and foremost. At the same time, our teams of contractors posses the skill sets and qualities that will help to grow your business.

We devise marketing, and sales projects, campaigns and assignments that will have your customers, clients eating out the palm of your hand.

As part of the design process for a 'PCA' the initial stage is to undertake Market Research to gain a full understanding of the market, vertical, space.

Our Market Research findings will provide an insight for your Senior Management team, Marketing and Sales team to build upon. We present these findings in a 30 minute presentation online, or on-premise.


Our current language capabiliy - 'PCA' Design, to Execution:

English, Spanish, Portugese, French, Dutch, Polish, Indian & Sri Lankan

Over time we will grow our language capability.  Essentially, our current service enables us to design, test, execute, M&E, Report back to you. If you need a specific language. We can deliver content over multiple communication channels, over a given frequency at a fixed cost.

SMART-HutNet Ltd. - Rocking commerce for 5 years - (February 5th 2024)

On 5th February 2024 we will be celebrating our 5th Anniversary in Business

We'd like to make this a special occassion, and share it with you, so we will be arranging a number of local events which we will invite you along to.

This will be bewteen 5th of Feb and 5th of March 2024


Check back here for details in the next few weeks.


Services Portfolio

Contracting Service. Permanent, Temporary, & Temp-to-Hire Contractors.

Contracting Service. Permanent, Temporary, & Temp-to-Hire Contractors

Contractors, NEW Monthly Subscription model, or Fixed-term Contracts

Contractors for MKG., SALES, CUSTOMER SUCCESS. ERP & Supply chain dev. Warehousing, Commercial & Industrial

ERP / Supply chain development scenarios.

ERP / Supply chain development scenarios. Contractors supplied on a Monthly subscription, or Fixed-term Contract

Monthly Subscription, FTC model

Contracting service. Our added-value Proposition. How we Operate, to increase Output, & Finished Goods.

Business Development, Growth & Expansion (BDGE)

Business Development, Growth & Expansion (BDGE) Service for continual year-on-year (YoY) Success

Managed Hand-holding services

Managed Hand-holding Services, for Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, & Supply chain development scenarios.

Learn Technology - Automated Marketing & Sales Sofware

Technology Workshops. Learn Automated Marketing, Automated Sales Processes

Customer Retention

End-to-End Sales Enablement (From Prospecting to Purchase Order to Onboarding & Customer Success)

Why Choose Us


Business Development, (building new, direct, & partner relationships for clients).

Continual Growth is our GOAL!

Our Associates and team draw on several years of Business Development success within the Software, SaaS space to grow your business; by generating increased year-on-year (YoY) sales revenues, new clients and impacting bottom line profits.

With experience of working for leading UK outsourced marketing agencies (OSMAs), and leading technology vendors, we are positioned to help you grow and expand your business operations specifically new, direct, and partner relationships.

Our Marketing, Sales & Account Managers (who run your future campaigns) have had a successful career, and excelled in their sector. They are probably a collection of the best professionals available under contract.

We have experience in generating new, direct and partner business, verifying and qualifying MQLs and SQLs - to you and me that means regular leads.


High Lead Generation, and Conversion levels

Passing qualified leads across to your internal Sales teams, to close out new business more quickly. We do have clients who prefer to access 'custom' Sales and Marketing dashboards, (designed and configured to see specific content). to view weekly, monthly, quarterly campaign / project results for given regions or countries, continents this is arranged on a per client basis once a pilot sales campaign / project has been agreed and delivered.


Business Development, Growth & Expansion (BDGE) Services

How can SMART-HutNet apply Business Development, Growth & Expansion (BDGE)?

Well, the first thing we explain is our positive experiences of having worked for Tech' vendors

Our approach on your behalf is all of the following; personal, professional and efficient. We are essentially an extension of your Marketing, Sales, Operations teams. Everything we uncover about a prospect for you we share, so you can close out new business. 

We engage with leading business development, growth and expansion professionals to develop and improve a client's Y-o-Y Sales revenues. What's different about our Sales campaign / project managers approach? They are tech' savvy, are agile and understand how to implement and use sales automation technology which benefits the sales business function. Our approach is to evaluate a client's existing manual processes, and propose automated technology which adds value and can be exploited to increase your productivity.


Digital Marketing Services - Marketing Agency Model

Marketing Agency Fulfilment services

If you are a Marketing Agency we can deliver fulfilment services to compliment your end-clients individual Marketing needs. Alternatively, if you prefer we can refer you to one of our technology associates / partners of Sales and Marketing Automation software who you can approach and purchase software to perform activity within your own agency.

The process for engaging for this service is to first agree a brief, then agree and set KPI's for our Campaign / Project Managers, align your Marketing Strategy per client, and deliver the goals and objectives for a minimum of 3 months.

Our short-term objective is to help the end client build a Sales pipeline.Our long-term objective is to get your end clients more, new, direct, partner business. Enabling their internal Sales team to close more business, more quickly.


For more information please contact us;

email: pro-session@smart-hutnet.uk


Fulfilment Service for Marketing Agencies, USA, Canada, Nordics & EMEA region

Fulfilment Service for Marketing Agencies

We engage with experienced Marketing associates, and professionals who are qualified in their field of specialty. This ranges from Demand Marketing to adaptive Marketing Automation, as well as lead generation, lead nurturing or simply creating an end-to-end Sales and Marketing hub.


Our Preferred Delivery Model:

Team of 3 Managers (to Manage Marketing, Sales & Account Management activity)

Working collaboratively with the client is at the heart of communications!

Your appointed Marketing professional will be aligned with a Sales professional and an Account Manager to ensure that your lead generation process flows from end-to-end and covers your Marketing and Sales processes. We introduce an element of automation to these processes to ensure we buy you back time to focus on your core business activity that makes you money.

Peter Coward will take on a Lead delivery role for each Campaign / Project, typically with 3 professionals reporing to him for Campaign / Project progression and results; we can set up weekly, monthly,  quarterly reporting or access to dashboards to self monitor activity.

Peter has experience in business / sales development up to Enterprise level, typically dealing with boards of Directors and Senior Management teams. For developing new, direct, partner relationships. Agreeing a brief with the client and setting key goals and objectives, and ensuring the 'mix; of services provided help to improve Marketing, Sales, and Operational performance, year-on-year (YoY).

For more information contact us;

email: pro-session@smart-hutnet.uk

Lydia Coward deals with our Marketing Agency service designed for Marketing Agencies. Professional advisory sessions are organised by an administrator in our Sales Support team.


Act-on Software, Adaptive Marketing Automation Technology

Generate, Qualify & Close more leads Automatically (well almost!)

We provide help, advice and guidance to help clients and Marketing Agencies automate their Marketing processes. We'll connect you with Act-on software or another Marketing tech vendor who will evaluate your needs and fit for their SaaS

Example of a Marketing Automation Tech Vendor

"Act-on" software is a competitive solution to "Marketo", loaded with extra functionality and benefits its suitable for end-clients as well as Marketing Agencies, who can join a Partner programme.

The biggest benefit of using adaptive Marketing Automation software, is to generate a higger quantity of qualified leads, which can be nutured and scored over time. - I mean we all crave new, regular leads in our inbox, right?

Marketo Alternatives - Act-On Marketing Automation Software

In 2018 Peter was privileged to work for ACT-on as an SDR for the EMEA region, during this time he generated new, direct and partner business for the Sales team. He has knowledge, and experience of configuring, using this smart Marketing Automation platform. He discussed the needs with prospective client end user groups, and qualified outbound leads for Enterprise sized companies, and organisations.

For more information contact us;

email: pro-session@smart-hutnet.uk


The ONE THING you can DO. Is join in our Workshops

ONE THING Online Workshops during 2023 / 2024

A few ways to ensure you focus on today’s “MUST DO’s” is to clear your desk of every physical item (get rid of your desk clutter). Remove files, pieces of paper, 3M notelets things that won’t aid today’s immediate results, old newspapers, & magazines. Switch off / pause apps’ on desk & mobile devices that may distract you during your day. Don’t feel you need to be online 24/7, or that you will miss something. If colleagues are working to your method, they will find the appropriate tool to deliver a message. Establish an internal protocol, email is often the best approach, as you can choose when to reply.


FOCUS your mind. Address today's MUST DO’s!

Clear your mind of everything you could do, & focus on what you must do! Or else you will risk underperforming, & disappoint not only yourself, but your line manager too!

Deadlines are not set in concrete they are simply flags in the sand. Goal posts can be moved backwards, & forwards. What’s more important is to communicate with your team when a deadline needs to be put back, with a genuine reason. Training days, holiday, absence & sickness could be valid reasons for a deadline having to move. Remember to allow for team members getting back up to speed if what they do is technical or time intensive! Ask them to give you ‘worst case’ timings, that don’t skimp on how long it will take them to do their element of the work.


For more information contact us today!

email: marketing@smart-hutnet.com


Intelligent Operations for Marketing, Sales & Customer Success teams

Automation Technology Solution: "Biami"

SMART HutNet teams up with a number of technology solution partners for improving performance 10x such as "Biami" to add value to your business operations. This ranges from intelligent automation, adopting process automation within your marketing and sales business functions.

Intelligent Operations, Intelligent Business Development can be achieved using Biami


Biami Development tools help to;







How do they do this?

An example is to create a Back up as a Service (BaaS) process, however you an use Biami to automate any given process.

This solution involves installation, design & test, and run & improve download to your computer.


For more informaiton please visit Biami's web site; * or we can discuss your needs then arrange for them to contact you.



Essential Steps of Marketing Automation - 5 Step run through

What are the 5 Steps of Marketing Automation?

Make your Marketing content the best version of content it can be, (personalised to your target persona's). Use A-B testing to see which version of content gets the best response by readers. Monitor and evaluate Marketing campaign results,

AND be prepared to change, refresh, update content any number of times so the visitor / viewer feels your business is a key business of influence, and you are the best in your field.


Stages 1-5

1. Marketing collaboration with Sales (To ensure that both business function teams are on the same page).

eMail Drip Campaigns

- 60% of your target audience will read emails - but only if your sending the right content. Profile your prospect groups with the right message, at right time! Analyse which frequency gets the best and worst response.


2. Landing pages

Up to 50% of leads submit their contact details in return for valuable content. define what the most important content is for each prospect group. Experiment what content gets the best and worse response, tailor specific content to prospect groups, experiment with A/B testing.


3. Personalisation of content

No recipient likes reading content, that feels like its meant for someone else, personalising email content can help soften the approach. Remember the recipient doesn't know you, work on building the relationship over time and don't expect or assume a contact is ready to buy immediately.


4. A/B Testing

Marketing Automation is an evolving process, but essentially you want to be creating leads and dropping them in to pots to generate revenue £££


5. Analyse, measure and report on email campaign results in the shortest possible time frame (1/2 weeks), no point in sending content that doesn't get a response, "change it up" and try again, and again. No one gets email content right first time, it could take 2 or more attemps on the same subject.



Business Development, Growth & Expansion Online Workshops - Team Development

Online Bite-size Workshops

Finalising, testing Content this will delivered as a Pilot initially

We are currently defining, compiling and piloting content for core business subjects for inclusion in our Online Bite-size Workshops, these fall in to 4 key functions, activities. These commence with; 1) Marketing Automation, 2) Sales Automation & Lead Acceleration, 3) Account Management, 4) Customer Success for brilliant retention.

March / April 2022 we will be creating a 3 minute video which explains how these Workshops will be delivered. They will be fun, and include plenty of humour. If interested, and you would like to know more please request the video.

A schedule for the upcoming Workshops will be published on this page, in July 2022


Workshop_1 : Marketing Automation - Sept 2022

Storey telling and humour cheeky will form the essence of content, Online Bite-size Workshops are designed to enable your teams to perform an activity inhouse. We want your team to have fun whilst learning, quiz's will be included, and are a good way to recap content for a greater learning experience... ...ENJOY!


Multi channels, Prospecting activity. New Business

Multiple Channel Prospecting Activity

There are two activity types, outbound & inbound. The most important thing is to do enough of each, monitor, report on successes regularly and share them across departments.

From our experience the activity is done, but the dots are not joined up this can be achieved by using workflows and implementing technology.

Every organisation grows up using a tech’ stack, a review of what’s working, and what’s not helps to focus efforts.


What does your prospecting Activity look like?

How much of each type of activity is your company doing?

How effective is the activity type?

Where can you improve net results?

What is your lead to appt conversion rate?

How good are your sales team at closing opportunities?


What Channels can you utilise to increase New Business?

Outreach activity, outbound phone calls & email campaigns.

Social media adverts, & posts. LinkedIN, Meta (Facebook)

Online, & offline events.

Field events, & personalised workshops.

Inbound calls, & direct messaging.

Inbound email enquiries.

Web site web chat!


Sales Revenues

It’s important to identify what type of new business you are going after, new, direct, or partnering, or all?

Sales revenues will increase year-on-year, as you retain new clients, for every ten generated aim to keep seven.

Always offer to improve solutions, services, or products in an effort to retain customers.

Years of Experience

Vendor Partnerships


Marketing & Sales Campaigns


Users of Services

Campaigns, Projects activity

Automation of processes for Marketing Success

Adaptive Marketing Automation

E Services

Structured data


Invite to engage

Email campaign Marketing

Company Performance

Company Performance - Reasons to Engage - CEO's perspective

Increase sales revenues, year-on-year (YoY). Achieve better Company performance

Generate new client, partner relationships through increased conversations, and connections.

Implement new Technology and processes to drive efficiency.

Improve bottom line profit margins.


We do the HEAVY LIFTING, you CLOSE more NEW business.


Automation of processes for Sales Success

Defining the Sales Playbook

Sales Dev Specialist

Lead Verifier


Account Manager

Inside Sales Manager

Levelling up for Business in a Giga Economy

Levelling up

Giga Economy

Making your business attractive to next Generation buyers, Decision makers

Next Generation Consumers of Services

Process Automation to make your Operations purrr!


What's the one thing your business can build in to your Operations?

Process Automation, to quicken results and ensure your Sales team have a pipeline of leads to close.

FiveCRM / HubSpot are 2 such examples of how to speed up lead generation.


Vendor selection

We work with a number of third-party vendors to ensure our clients systems and processes are maximised for maximum performance.

We conduct vendor reviews once every 3 months due to new technology entering the market.

Meet The Team

Lydia Coward_Manager of Marketing


Customer Success / Service

Digital Marketing, (our end-clients)

Marketing / Media Agencies

Communications, & PR

Advertising, Social Media / SMM

Administration & Record Keeping





Pete Coward_Director


Director of Business / Sales Development

Pro-session Team Leader

Business & Sales Development Services

Leadership & Motivating

Sales Forecasting, Sales KPI's

Marketing Budgets &

Marketing Operations

Customer Retention

Partnering & Outsourcing

Sales revenue, Performance




Sales Managers_CPA Orchestration_Leadership

Campaigns/ Projects / Assignments

Sales & Business Development

E2E Sales Cycle Enablement

Funnel & Pipeline Building

SQL & MQL SQO generation

Campaigns / Projects / Assignments

CPA Design, Roll-out, Execution

CPA Reporting

Sales revenue Execution




MKG Managers_CPA Orchestration_Leadership

 Campaigns / Projects / Assignments

* * Technology Implementation, where required

Market research, Market Analysis

Marketing Automation, Solution SW

** Marketing Process Automaton

** Integration of CRM for

MQL, SQL & SQQ generation

MKG Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E)

Analysis, Measurement

& Reporting




Commercial Manager_Finance Controller

Commercial Manager_Jon Collins, provides valuable inpu


Commercial, Legal, Compliance

Financial Reportomg, Accounting

Forecasting, Budgeting

Supply-chain suppliers

Vendors & Competitor Analysis


What People Say


Business development skill sets as an LDR EMEA.

Approach for end point security and virtual appliances.



Terry Howell ex Myriad Optima Ltd, Business Solutions

Business development skill sets.

Approach for Business Development

Newham Borough Council - 2012 Olympics GEOLogIT use cases.

Battle Baton Communicator use cases.



MasterControl INC, QMS modular SaaS

Sales Trainer, Utah city, USA

February 2020 

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