Sales Strategy, to Execution. Technology future proofing

Sales Strategy, to Execution. (Identifying Sales Vision, & Ambition for Success).

Setting out your Sales objectives, goals, KPI's & desired results for your current Sales plan, & activity. The frequency of time we are typically engaged for varies from 1 month, to 3 quarters, or even for the current financial year. With annual reviews following on thereafter, to ensure performance is achieved year-on-year (YoY), not just for say 0-9 months!


SMART HutNet's Senior Director, (MD)

has worthy Credentials in Marketing. He is currently undertaking a MASTER'S

Our MD, has been involved in generating new, direct, partner business for USA-led, EMEA tech' vendor SaaS solutions, services, products, & support for the best part of the past 7 years. His highest Sales position has been VP of Sales : for Europe, he is familiar with solution-selling, for £25k, to £150k, & speaking with 'C'-level decision makers, to gain commitment for an order.


Creating a Sales Plan for year-on-year (YoY) Success

Where you don't have internal resources we help you define a Sales plan, implement new activity levels that will generate new conversations, connections, including developing your direct email Marketing, which takes in email campaign Management, & Social media Marketing approach, & tactics.

Touch wood! We haven't lost one new client on the Sales side that we have engaged with directly. This speaks volumes for the quality of service we provide.


Executing the Sales Plan

Our Sales 'cell', (made of a Project Lead, a Project/ Campaign Manager, & Account Manager will help you compile a new "focused" Sales plan, in line with your Board of Directors Business Strategy, & high-level Business plan. With key input from your Heads of Department, & team members. Which departments will be involved from day 1? Sales, & Customer Success, & Marketing leaders will join online sessions, & workshps to benefit from SMART HutNet's fresh concepts, ideas, & input. 


Sales Professionals, Must-do's - SQL Amplification

Our Sales professionals will guide you on must-do's; the "call to actions", with a unique approach to amplifying activity levels, & SQL amplification. How do we achieve more output? By supplying remote contractors, who work longer working weeks'. As well as implementing technology which pinpoints process automation,(we automate your 'legacy' manual processes). The impact of this is increased sales revenues, more conversations, connections with clients, customers, & consumers. We help your Sales team generate, & close more SQLs, MQLs in shorter time frames.

* Technology Implementation only if required. Sales acceleration software implementation will enhance, improve Sales team members input, performance, & output.


Reporting, Monitoring, & Evaluation (M&E)

We help you create custom reports to monitor and evaluate ( M&E) Sales activity against KPIs, including field, online events, we assess how successful your Marketing Demand generation process is, Sales acceleration software, increasing your SQL output with the objective to improve SQL & MQL conversion ratios for meetings.


Execution, & Implementation of a Sales Plan

You execute the agreed Sales plan, we conduct a monthly, or quarterly review with your Business function Head of Department, or Sales lead to analyse your agreed activity, KPI’s vs results through our engagement period.


Sales Events, Online, & Field

Demand Marketing, SQL Generation / MQL Closure

Our Sales professionals do the 'heavy lifting' enabling your Sales team to fous on closing more SQLs; & MQLs from Marketing more quickly.

Our Sales advisors are trained in service delivery, analytics & training. They will analyse how your Sales teams deliver projects, & run campaigns. They will assess your entire existing content, across all channels; online, & offline. Where we can make improvements we will provide suggestions 'on-the-fly' initially, then follow this up with a report for project delivery, & campaigns run.


IT Project Management for Sales Success

We can provide a IT Project manager, to assess your Sales workflows, processes, & procedures. Where we feel technology implementation is necessary, we will make Sales technology recommendations to the; Head of Sales, Board of Directors, & 'C'-level decision makers to improve productivity levels, & save valuable time. - Time is money! 



* Sales Technology Implementation only if absolutely necessary to make a significant gain, not for the sake of replacing 'legacy' softwares, apps', tools for the latest SMART AI & BI technology.