Monthly Subscription, FTC model

Utilising our Contracting service will give you 360 degree vision
Every new client will experience significant added-value compared to employing full-time employed staff; we have summarised below where a client gains, why they should buy-in to our Contracting service.

SUMMARY of new client ADDED-VALUE Proposition;
1) You will be SAVING between 21-25% annually, on your current annual Operations staffing costs over the next 2 years.

2) The icing on the cake! Your company won’t incur the cost of sourcing Marketing, Sales, or ERP / Supply chain technical staff. Or, employee ONBOARDING COSTS, employee BENEFIT COSTS, employer CONTIBUTIONS to employee pension plans, NO MANDATORY need to set up an employee savings plan.

3) PAPERLESS ADMIN of contractor activity, completion of an eTimesheet, online authorisation, & signoff by the client's authorised signatories & an online CLIENT DASHBOARD to monitor, evaluate (M&E) collective ACTIVITY vs objectives, targets, & KPI's.
A client dashboard is accessed 24/7/365 to drill-down  to contractor workforce INPUT / OUTPUT, (this can be either; per site, per department, per project).

4) A new client determines when to turn the ‘contractor resource’ tap ON / OFF. SMART HutNet only require 24 hours notice, from a client to either decrease, or increase resources. - 1 month is typical for full-time employed staff with a binding employment contract.

5) ONE contract is issued as per the client frequency agreed, for the collective contractor workforce, (this can be either; per site, per department, or per project). Pricing is tailored to each client's specific staffing needs, standard terms & conditions will apply for every contract authorised, & signed.

Payment Options - Subscription & FTC
We have 2 pricing models, by monthly / quarterly subscription, & fixed-term contracts, for Permanent, Temporary, & Temp-to-hire contractors. Typically, we supply to Marketing, Sales, & Customer Success teams in UK, & globally.

If you are moved by the HIPE - the time is RIPE!
For a deep dive in to our Contracting service please reply in the email subject line, "Read the HIPE, - the time is RIPE! please contact us by reply". We will reach out to discuss your specific staffing needs, & provide a quote for a quantity of contractors, by category, & to a frequency.


Turn on / Turn off policy, with only 24 hour notice in writing

We accept a 24 hour notice request, to turn on / turn off "contingency workers", we charge by the week, month or quarter if we agree otherwise it will be as an exception to the rule!