Contracting Service. Permanent, Temporary, & Temp-to-Hire Contractors.

SMART HutNet's Position on Contracting
We are witnessing an increased demand for "contingency workers", within Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, & ERP / Supply chain development teams. Our permanent, temporary, & temp-to-hire contractors utilise the traditional commute time to get more projects, campaigns completed, & higher volumes of 'finished goods' out the door. Contractors do this by working longer working days, therefore increasing a clients productivity, & output. - We cover every aspect of staff absenteeism, - whatever that means to you!

Contractor model, to complement NOT replace existing employees!
Our contractors are not supplied to replace fulltime employees more, so complement teams to ensure, objectives, targets, & KPI's are achieved. The end result of increased actvity is sales revenues sky-rocket, enabling clients to reinvest in their businesses. If there are any HR Managers/Hiring Managers placing staff in Marketing, Sales, 
Customer Success, & ERP / Supply chain development teams , & you are thinking how can we make a SAVING on annual staffing costs for new-starters, please ping me an email to discuss the facts.

I'm happy to share my experiences, advise how USA & Canada firms are looking toward UK & Asian remote contractors, to get best value, and potentially SAVE 21-25% typically. FACT: Mandatory employee costs, are pushing up the true cost of engaging new-starters by over 40%
at a time when business owners are looking to reduce Operations costs for staffing, not increase them!